“Sometimes it doesn’t even look like the planet we know, though it might be the one we’re in the process of making (or rather, destroying). There is perhaps some consolation in the purity of this scoured landscape that Huhta evokes, the sense that at least something will endure, shown by the presence of strangely altered plants and animals. These encounters demonstrate how such a fearsome landscape occasions some fundamental disordering of the categories we take for granted, revealing how the oppositions of organic and inorganic, natural and unnatural, are really just a consequence of our finite view.” – Darren Campion, Unseen Platform 2018

Omatandangole is a photo book project, shot in the Namibian desert between 2016-2018. The book is published by Kehrer Verlag, 2019.

“Even though our surroundings are chaotic and broken it is possible to create photographs that show them as complete and pristine, so unlike what they are in reality. And yet – in that brief moment that is captured by the camera, wasn’t that sense of completeness true for a fleeting moment? An elusive bliss that can dissolve as fast as it emerged.” – Aapo Huhta

Tampere Art Museum, 2020

Tampere Art Museum, 2020

Book launch @Kosminen Helsinki, 23.10.
I’ll be signing books @Paris Photo on Saturday 9.11.

For signed copies, please email me at aapohuhta(##)gmail . com


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