A Bird in a Cage 

In the beginning of puberty a reality breaks into pieces and the world becomes an insecure place. Externally life continues as before; the inner revolution stays hidden from others. It is not discussed with teachers or parents, and friends get to see only what’s socially acceptable.

I discovered old diaries and letters written by people in their early teens. Combining them to portraits of present teens, I constructed a tale of growth pains, of defining of limits and of first love.


28.1.2015 - 15.2.2015 Gallery Uusi Kipinä – Lahti, Finland
5.12.2013 - 5.1.2014 Photographic Centre Peri – Turku, Finland
8.5.2013 - 28.7.2013 Finnish Museum of Photography – Helsinki, Finland
13.11.2012 - 25.11.2012 Espoo Cultural Centre – Espoo, Finland

All images © Aapo Huhta 2019